Brisson Castle Building & Living Centre provides the lumber and building materials that cover your projects from the foundation to the roof, inside and out. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers in Cochrane and the surrounding area trust us for quality, selection, and service. Our staff has the experience to help you with your projects and to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

New building materials, technologies that improve efficiencies, green products from renewable resources, drywall, electrical, insulation, locks and hardware, lumber, plumbing, power tools, windows... we have the expertise that builders, new home owners and renovators need - especially today when there are so many choices. It's good to know you can trust the advice you get from Brisson Castle Building & Living Centre.

You can find dimensional lumber, pressure treated, plywood & OSB, engineered and composite wood, all in stock. We also carry panelling designed to blend harmoniously, for use in wall panels, furniture, or smaller components, like doors, or floor panelling that provides an improved surface over softwood veneer core. It's also lighter in weight than composite cores and offers superior screw holding properties. 

Get started now. Drop in or contact us. Check out the vendor websites for some of the brands we carry. Anytime you're ready to start your project, please ask us for an estimate. We're here to help.

Dimensional Lumber

We stock various grades of dimensional, pressure treated and untreated lumber ranging in size and species. (i.e. Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Fir, etc.)

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treating helps wood withstand the elements and ward off insects and fungal decay. It can last 20 years or more. It's strong, cost-effective, visually appealing and is an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

PWF Treated Wood 

PWF is a strong. durable and contemporary foundation that has a number of unique advantages. PWF requires less energy to heat or air-condition a space. It removes the damp, musty basement feeling, and because it's a wood stud wall, it can be easily insulated and a variety of finishes can be quickly applied. 

Plywood & OSB

Whether you're looking for plywood for your projects, or sheathing for a house, we have a broad selection of Plywood and OSB to meet your needs. We also stock a range of Fire-Rated and FSC plywood.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood

We provide the highest-quality joist products, laminated veneer lumber, laminated veneer framing lumber and other engineered wood products with matched depths that work together using fewer pieces and longer lengths.

Composite Wood

Composite Wood

We offer outdoor living products that are true value-added features for residential and commercial installations. They offer unmatched good looks and longevity, and will never rot, crack or splinter. These composite products are extremely weather-resistant and never need painting or staining for protection. Imagine the possibilities!